A note on West Coast Reactionaries

Andrew Martyanov has made it clear to me that wishes to distance himself from West Coast Reactionaries due its apparent trajectory which is problematic to him for two reasons:

He feels firstly that the site is becoming “too esoteric” in the subject matter published there. I can understand why he thinks that, articles on perennialism and spirituality are quite common on WCR nowadays due to mine and¬†Paul Andersen‘s interests,¬†although I do not think it is some “new” thing — within the first month of me joining WCR I was posting essays on Julius Evola. Andy and I agreed early on that WCR would be a broad tent which hosted writing on all sorts — from spirituality to nationalism, radical to moderate; there was no set orthodoxy beyond “the West is not in a good position and we should figure out why.” This diversity is one of the best things about WCR in my opinion, and what sets it apart from many other Alternative Right/Reactosphere websites.

He said to me that the site is growing too quickly for him, and implied, basically, that he does not want to be at the helm of a car without breaks. I can understand this sentiment, although I must again sort of disagree.

WCR growth in the first quarter of 2016
WCR growth in the first quarter of 2016 (Dec. 28th ’15 to Mar. 26th ’16) — note that the stats beneath the bar graph represent the week highlighted in the graph, Mar. 21-28 (orange)

The reason I have tried to get more people involved with WCR is partly social and because I know there are people who want to get into writing, but also to remedy the fact that — in my view — there is not as much activity on the website there ought to be. Notice especially on the bar graph the drop in page views at the end of February this year. There is a lot of extremely high quality stuff on WCR which does not receive the views it deserves.

I believe that I can “deal with” the site growing; I am the Editor, I proofread, spellcheck and format every article which is published, and I could easily do several every single day (as well as writing my own articles, et cetera) — and we are nowhere near that busy yet (although this week has been particularly busy because three new contributors have joined us — a big Thank You to those gentlemen and their excellent writing).

All this considered, I am thinking of having another person assist me with the managing of WCR in the future. I have a hunch that the injection of three new persons into the contributors list will act as a catalyst (as will the creation of the new WCR Facebook page) which will — as is seen on the afore-embeded graph — increase site traffic. Nick B. Steve‘s “This Week in Reaction,” which appears on Social Matter, links to us at WCR and is great exposure — as was my mention of WCR in a recent podcast I was interviewed in by THA Talks. The coming weeks and months will be very exciting I am sure, and it is about damn time.


1 thought on “A note on West Coast Reactionaries”

  1. I must heartily agree with your sentiments, Mr. Wallace. Although I can well understand and respect Mr. Martyanov’s dedication to principal (I’ve now read many of his pieces) I have to say that pretty much all of the main alt right sites I’ve visited are extremely homogeneous in their philosophy (often with the irritating, all-encompassing mantra of “it’s ze jooz!”). I really like this trajectory and think it will bring WCR to a much wider audience (which, whether I write there in the future or not, is something which I sincerely hope happens).

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