Current Affairs (March 12th, ’16)

It has been over a week since I have written anything for this blog, so it is long due, especially considering I intended originally to spew something out every couple of days — or, at least once a week. The thing is, I did not intend for this to be a sort of dairy wherein I bleat about my own life and oh-so-special opinions too much; for if the focus was of such a vain trajectory it would all be for naught: one instead has to connect things to higher ones, insofar as seeing the moment as reaching something beyond itself. Nevertheless, some things have happened over the past fortnight of note, so it is worth explaining and analysing them to some measure.

The series of podcasts I am hosting on YouTube titled “Paganism, Christianity and the European Soul” has been going swimmingly, and next Friday will be the last one in the series where we will come to a climax of sorts, going forth from the established thesis (the defining of Europe’s spiritual tradition) and antithesis (the decline of said spiritual tradition in the modern age), we will come to a synthesis (how can we reconnect with the spiritual tradition of the Occidental world in our, now, postmodern circumstance). I am very happy with the contacts I have made via the series and its participants, which inevitably leads us onto two further steps.

Firstly, once all is said and done regarding that series of podcasts, another will take its place concerning Traditionalism, also known as Perennialism. It will likely be a three-part series dissected as follows:

  1. Video I, “What is Traditionalism?”
  2. Video II, “How does it manifest?”
  3. Video III, “How do we rediscover Tradition in the modern world?”

As one can clearly see, it rather mirrors the prior series in its structure: one has a thesis, an antithesis and a synthesis. I must say, however, that it was on Gornahoor that this model first emerged to me in Cologero Salvo‘s article, “The Notion of an Elite” (which I have quoted, referenced and linked-to many a time). The model there is as follows:

  • Thesis: Tradition is the normal state for human spiritual well-being.
  • Hypothesis: The Western world is in crisis due to its forgetting of Tradition.
  • Antithesis: The proper response, then, is to revolt against the modern world
  • Synthesis: Some few men will undertake the effort to restore Tradition

For the podcast I have organised, I have somewhat merged the hypothesis and synthesis as far as where they are mentioned. I am sure that on the Friday coming we will explain why the loss of religion is unnatural, and why we are therefore destined to rediscover such matters both individually and collectively. It will be very valuable, I am sure, as will be the series on Traditionalism thereafter.

What will clearly distinguish the latter from the former, though, is the presentation. I hope to make it cleaner, sleeker, and not done through Google’s Hangout software, but through Skype. It will ideally be a multipersoned presentation which cuts straight to the heart of the matter. Obviously we will not be able to condense entire tomes like Julius Evola‘s Men among the Ruins or Frithjof Schuon‘s Esoterism as Principle and as Way into short, easily-digestible, social-media-friendly soundbites for all the normies to lap-up like the vampires they are, but rather to construct a very clear, readable, well-defined outline. And judging by some of the people already interested in the project, such as David Parry and Tom Rowsell, I am sure things will, like the soon-to-be finished series on European religion, turn-out excellently.

The second step, further podcasts aside, is a potential appearance by me on T.H.A. Talks as requested by the aforementioned David Parry. I am reluctant to be “interviewed” as it were because it feels awkward, shoehorned, tasteless, egotistical, undeserving, rash, vain, bland, corrupt and morally lazy. But, conversely, I have been told that I am perhaps too quick to beat myself down by people whose words I respect, so I will likely swallow the lump in my throat and just get on with it.

This appears to be a hurdle of mine; this unwillingness to assert myself, to self-promote content I organise or produce. It merely stems from my view of myself as an amateur, a noviate; how vulgar is it when the stupid presume themselves to be geniuses as happens so often in today’s world? Pushed forth by the social environment, millennials and more are the first to ignorantly thrust themselves into speaking about matters they know nothing about, or ill-preparing themselves for arduous journeys whose destination is never truly known. This egalitarian style of “everyone has something good to say” urks me like a stabwound, and I want absolutely no part in it. I am happy to be relegated my place and station and to find fulfilment in that, I care not for impressing anyone or social-signalling as the guys at The Right Stuff would call it.

But, again, wiser and more learned men than I apparently see something in me, so I am forced, by their judgement, to follow their implications as it were. For what else can I do? I do not want to miss-out on an opportunity well-earned simply because I myself cannot see it, or, more accurately, refuse to see it for fear of entering the squalor within which so many fools wade. I want to steer-clear of the modern’s essence, of his genre, of his intent, as I feel it as so poisonous; rancid, even.

Pity how this has turned into a nearly self-flagellating rant, but it must be stressed that all I wish to do is not trap myself like so many others, to push myself somewhere I do not belong. Good judgement is so lacking in today’s world that I am often suspicious of its very existence, so forgive me.

What else has happened recently of note..? Ah, yes: I have arranged another meeting with another local Right-winger in the coming weeks which should be an interesting event, much like the first (spoken of in a piece titled “Simulation to Actualisation” on West Coast Reactionaries) I am sure it will generate lots of positive developments. Such things always act as catalysts, which is a sure sign of their importance.

Another matter is the short story I am working on (and have been working on, although extremely sparsely, for about a year, now) titled Enshrined. I have chapter one penned and posted here on this blog, but chapter two is still in the works due to the fact that I implied far too much in the first chapter including a contradiction of sorts! The protagonist wakes up in a city which is not where another character tells him he is! I am trying to work that out without changing anything, nor introducing more vague questions which add nothing to the story, however — and who knows, I might solve the problem tonight (or next year; do not hold your breath).


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