Ego and Station

Lastnight I began the first of a series of podcasts where myself and several others are going to discuss “Paganism, Christianity and the European Soul.” We started the series discussing the question “What is paganism?” in order to form a sort of bedrock — next week we will discuss the fall of Rome and the rise of Christendom; then we will define Christianity; then we will look at how Christianity has changed, deteriorated, over the past centuries; and finally we will try to answer “What is to be done?” in an irreligious, secular, materialistic world: can the Church be restored? Can paganism actively — exoterically — resurface somewhere? These questions and more I want to answer with this series, along with, more generally, a generation of honest dialogue on a topic which has long required it.

Duncan (a participant in the series) joked to me that I am a pontifex — a “builder of bridges” (a term traditionally applied to kings in relation to their connection to the divine) — not to insinuate royalty, but an establisher of dialogue, of conversation, of thought. And that is exactly what I want this series (and others) to be. I am not a maestro by any measure, but I would like to use my connections and whatever means I can for positive, constructive ends.

Since I began doing all of this in August, 2014, I have always maintained that the purpose of my presence in certain spheres and communities is of course partly social, but primarily — to speak of my creation of YouTube videos, my writing of articles/essays, et cetera — as a way of documenting my learning process, whereby I can look back upon the months and years and note my hopeful wisening. Moreover, I figured that given the nature of the information age, other people on a similar path to mine would benefit from this; from my “outward motion.” This nearly ceased in late December, 2014, as I came close to halting any externalisations, any creative endeavours, et cetera; but I ultimately decided to carry on the path I was walking, if only to see where it leads me. And I am still walking upon that path fourteen months on.

One of the tricky little features of the internet and information age is how easily one can make contact with others. Social media connects everyone to everyone — and if not directly, then indirectly. All it takes is the click of a button to make oneself acquainted with another. This leads to the impossibly-avoided scenario of getting out of one’s depth. Something I am well-aware of, and make an active effort in avoiding.

By “getting out of one’s depth” I mean establishing contacts and involving oneself with things which are far beyond one’s present understanding. Of course we are all learning all of the time, but it would be a grave error to assert myself into a situation which I am unprepared for, and due to the information age and how easy it is to make new contacts, it becomes a necessity to avoid creating false presuppositions about oneself — you do not want incorrect assumptions to be made of your character; whether that you are more ignorant than you actually are, or more well-learned. Ideally there is a near-middle-ground to be involved in so there is actually a forward motion; it is always good to need to ask questions and actively learn, which is what I want to do — not to plunge into areas of thinking I am a long way from, but to skirt about their edges and peer in from outside as to get a sense of things.

Perspective is something which must be consciously realised as to avoid unhelpful scenarios as well as to encourage healthy ones which further one’s development. I can assuredly say that I have learned more via the internet and conversations I have had with people over the past year or so than I ever learned at college — about myself and about the world.

There is difficulty which arises if one wishes to “make something” of thinking, obviously — and I am speaking financially; in the sense of sustaining one’s life. This, however, is remedied by two factors, 1) having something to give, and 2) finding the right means which can realise this potential service in the capitalist marketplace. However, all is a matter of time and place; the more one creates and the better these creations become, things tend to sort themselves out.


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