Welcome to VOKUS

I accidentally imported nearly two thousand Tumblr posts onto the previous domain (nineisamagicnumber.wordpress.com), which was an action I could not undo, so I deleted the site. — Although that page is still online, strangely enough. Perhaps it will be removed after a few days. — Apologies if that has thrown anyone off. Maybe in the future I will throw some money at WordPress in exchange for a more presentable domain (vokus.wordpress.com was “reserved,” strangely enough).

Regardless, I have had some thoughts regarding this page and have decided that it will serve a similar function to the last — being an archive of any writing I do (primarily that for West Coast Reactionaries) — but secondarily being more of a traditional “blog” wherein I will write original, more self-centric posts somewhat frequently. I do keep a diary, but I only write in it every fortnight or so on strictly personal matters. It would be a good idea for me to have somewhere to pen other musings which might serve as “markers” or “notes”; extended “status updates” of a more valuable nature than “I just ate a sandwich,” I do hope.

One should have a place where ideas are retained, and in an age where one passes through thousands of disconnected thoughts a day, all subject to various stimuli and multiple triggers, and where information is actually a commodity insomuch as our lives are swamped by trivia and miscellaneous nonsense, it seems sensible to set a place, an archive, aside for thoughts which might just happen to be of some substance.

Tumblr is too casual or social a format for what I want to write, and I will not be synchronising this website with my Tumblr or Google Plus accounts, although I might share a few select posts here or there, simply due to the fact that trying to establish some sort of “network” purely for my own rambling is extraordinarily distasteful. There only needs to be one website for such things (or two, of you include my YouTube channel). Nor will I be hyperlinking anything — any posts which are deserving of hyperlinks belong on West Coast Reactionaries for the purpose of educating, informing or otherwise entertaining that website’s readership of hundreds.

That will be all for now. Let us get to it.


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