Primer Et Cetera

This is a seventy-seven page booklet including:

  • A nine part essay explaining my worldview which I began writing at seventeen years-old after just discovering the Reactosphere and the Alternative Right.
  • A transcript of a monologue titled “Millennial Woes, the Fate of Empires and Behavioural Sink” I did responding to the video “The Issue of the Century” by YouTube user Millennial Woes, with an essay analysing the monologue and expanding upon it.
  • An article for West Coast Reactionaries analysing NOBODY™; his videos and his music.
  • A lengthy Traditionalist-flavoured conversation I had with Paul Andersen A.K.A Hotherus of West Coast Reactionaries over the course of several weeks during the summer of 2015.
  • An essay dealing with individualism and liberalism written by Cato Disapproves for West Coast Reactionaries.
  • A short poem titled “The Game.”

Primer Et Cetera


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